Dear Reader,


You want to learn the language. You want to understand it properly. You want to remember what you’ve learned. You want to be skilled in the use thereof. You want to know it enough to be confident in your ability to use it now and to learn more about it.


We introduce to you The Plurium™ Programming Practice Series. This is an expanding set of volumes designed to help the reader achieve the following four programming language learning objectives quickly:












All this, quickly.


We invite the reader to read the prefaces to our books; these go into detail on how the objectives noted above are achieved.


The Series


Our current titles consist of the following:





Availability: Our shipping titles are currently available on the Amazon website; we are coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Practice Your Java Level 1 >>

Practice Your C# Level 1 >>

The material is presented in the proper order, which ensures the building, first, of a proper foundation and then beyond, in the given language


The exercises are designed to aid retention of the material taught


The scope of the exercises ensures that you the reader have an expansive toolset with which to work in this language


You obtain the confidence to produce programs in the given language now and the confidence to go to higher levels of learning in the language











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